Is there a filter mechanism on the app?

Is it possible for example to apply a filter on the app to return all Shariah compliant companies in FTSE-AIM index?

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Is there an ETF in particular that tracks the FTSE-AIM index that you’re interested in?

Not just aimed at FTSE-AIM. I’m new to investing and just like any new investor, I’m window shopping. If there is a filter mechanism in the app, i.e. say filter on market indices, sectors, countries, etc, then browse through any Shariah compliant companies from the filter results that I like the sound of, check if they are in a performing active fund out there and if they are, then I would know a professional fund manager had a good reason to buy them and I’d ride on the back of their coat-tails - Voila!

So let’s go back to the FTSE-AIM example. From the filter list, I’d pick a compliant company I’d like, check if it is included in a high performance fund like Liontrust UK micro cap (over 14% growth in the last 3 months) and others in the same sector/country, and if it is, dip my toes in it knowing that a reputable professional analyst already did the knitty gritty work.