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Category Topics

🎟️ Events

This Events Category is a space dedicated to allow Zoyans to find, join and hosts events. Whether they be club meetings, webinars or simple meetups the events category is another part of our mission facilitate Zoyans and our community.

📋 Community Information

You will find general community information and guidelines here.

📚 Books & Weekend Reads

Discuss interesting books and articles that you’ve read recently.

📈 Investing & Markets

Discuss stocks, ETFs, cryptos, and the markets.

💰 Everyday Islamic Finance

Discuss all-things personal finance including savings, debt, real estate, taxes, career/employment, and legal issues such as trusts and wills.

📣 Announcements

Stay up to date on the latest Zoya news, usually pertaining to new features, improvements, or fixes.

🛠️ Product Suggestions & Updates

Share your thoughts and ideas on what features we should add to Zoya next. To report a bug/technical issue, please use this form.

💬 Life in General

Treat this category as the go-to place to chat about day-to-day life, outside of the world of stocks/investing. We ask you to please not discuss politics and be mindful of and appropriate towards everyone in this community.