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Is HSBC Islamic Global Equity allowable to invest in

The main holdings for this fund are Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet

Yet all have ‘potential issues’ for compliance on Zoya. Obviously the HSBC fund has its Islamic shariah advisors and Wahed Invest also use them - but clearly Zoya seems to differ.

Why is that and is it still permissible to invest in the fund?

Please provide a list of the top Holdings as well as the sector weights for the fund.

Just trust their shariah advisor. They are there for a reason. There’s multiple shariah ETFs and funds out there with different constituents. As long as it’s not straight up alcohol, pork, gambling, and porn.

Ja za khalla khair Sheikh Bradford

FYI, user Joe1 is not me, although I agree with the sentiment. If they have reputable Shariah advisors, just go with that.

I missed the point in your original question about it being an Islamic fund and assumed it was a conventional one from HSBC.