Shariah compliant ETF screener from Zoya

I wonder when and how will Zoya implement the ETF shariah compliance screener in the future. Other than SPUS, HLAL, SPRE, SPSK, ISDU and ISDW, are there any other shariah compliant one?

I really want to invest in ETFs like VOO, VTI, and VT but still waiting for some guidance through the ETF screener (if the feature is released).


Salam @Joe1
The ETF’s you listed are the major Shariah-compliant ETF’s, but I can assure you we at Zoya have ETF screening on our roadmap and we will incorporate all suggestions to make it a robust and user-friendly experience for you all.
In the meantime, please feel free to give us any feedback on what you would like to see, it would only help us out!