3 Investing Lessons from a Wall Street Legend

Millions of people started investing for the first time in 2020, and for many of them, it was excellent timing. The market saw tremendous gains as companies bounced back from the pandemic-induced crash in March 2020. To illustrate this, the S&P 500 index, which is widely used as a benchmark for the market, has almost doubled since the pandemic hit.

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Great to read some successful habits.

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Very nice article.
JazakumAllah khair for the very realistic approach and advise.

  1. Your edge as an everyday investor

This is such a valuable point. Speaking for myself, I remember thinking it was so weird that all these analyst reports about Amazon basically never even acknowledged AWS back in 2013. In my circle, the dominance and growth of that was so predictable. Every startup I could think of was on it. I just mistakenly assumed that professional analysts must have factored that into the price.

AMD was trading for peanuts at one point while they were making headlines in the hardware enthusiast space with the Zen architecture. The talented engineer Jim Keller was back at AMD, but that somehow made no waves on the stock price. Zen 2 leapfrogged Intel and left them in the dust with regards to performance/watt and dollars/core, but no financial analyst was talking about how this was the biggest upset since the x64 days. The appreciation of the stock happened only after repeated quarterly financials showing growth that were entirely predictable.

You really might know better than the “professionals”.


Just to follow up on the istikhara point in the article, I have attached an image of the mini istikhara prayer.
This could be more convenient for when you have to make quick investing decisions.


Awesome Adil! Thanks for sharing

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