401k plan and unrated percentage

Salam Alykom Brothers and sisters,

I recently joined a company and was offered the 401k plan via Fidelity investments with company matching. I only have 25 options to choose from and pretty ignorant about investing my money in Halal way. :smiling_face_with_tear: :sweat_smile:
I am a Zoya pro member, and I tried to run each option through the app but I see that in each option there is a % of unrated and here is my question. What should I do with those?

non-compliance % and questionable % are kind of understandable meaning I’ll need to do the purification process to them but the unrated % I don’t know what to do with it.
Please advise about this and if you have general better advice on how to make the whole process sharia-compliant will be super and ideal.

here is the list of my options (I didn’t include the bonds):

I have to choose within a week and a half. so far, I am going with β€œFA Technology I”
Thank you and may Allah reward you for helping me and the community!

Best option would be to choose the least questionable fund in terms of % and your investment strategy. Ideally, a 401k would be very long term so something to keep in mind.