AdTech Stocks Halal?

Assalamualaikum! I would really appreciate it if you help me understanding if Ad Tech companies stock is Halal?

I work for one of the biggest ad tech companies in the world and as part of total compensations, we get stocks. I calculated the revenue that comes from potentially haram advertisers and found out they are around 19%.

Also taking into consideration that usually advertisers doesn’t use the platform independently but there are dedicated employees who run and setup campaigns on advertisers behalf from start to finish.

The company is marked as compliant on Zoya but I wanted to make sure if what I mentioned is taken into account.I would really appreciate your help on this as i really feel really lost.

As-salamu Alaykum,

I may be wrong but I think Zoya has taken this into account as a lot of the process seems to be automated.

You can take a look at other Islamic sites such as MuslimXChange, Islamic Finance Guru, or just simply googling “is X halal to invest in”

The issue with ad technology is, in my opinion, two parts:

Is the company responsible for indecency
Is the company not responsible but enabling indecency

The best thing to do might be to ask Zoya directly on their app or tag them in a post (somehow)

Jazakhalla khairan,