I tried searching for Turkish Airlines on Zoya but couldn’t find it.

Any insights if Turkish Airlines is permissible to invest in ?


Salam @ADIL_KA and welcome to the Zoya community,

I just took a look at the stock of Turkish Airlines. Airlines are generally very critical because they often sell alcohol. If you have ever followed Turkish Airlines then you must have noticed this.

Total debt to market capitalization over 600%.
Cash etc. to market capitalization over 70%

The stock is therefore not Sharia compliant. In addition, there is the problem with alcohol.

I would generally avoid airlines. Here are a few points why I avoid airlines:

Strike of pilots, flight attendants, ground staff, security staff, air traffic controllers. And again strike of pilots. Travel restriction in pandemics. Lots of low-cost competition. Natural disasters prevent flights. Bad weather prevents flights. Cries, wars, riots prevent flights. High dependence on oil prices.

No investment advice - no investment recommendation - my personal opinion - not a scholar


Thanks for your response makes sense