Amazon stock profit

AOA, as it is turned not hahal, I stopped positions today but I got about 5 $ profit. Do I need to donate it or can keep it ? This stock is temporarily not-haram or permanenetly?

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Hey @Shahzaa7, welcome! Where do you see Amazon stock being shariah non-compliant?

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In Zoya app it shows Amazon questionable which mean not halal.

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It turned non-halal yesterday at I s l a m i c l y . c o m

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Is there any trial version for Islamicly?
The monthly subscription is highly expensive!

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What do you do in the case where you have Amazon stocks because you’re an employee? When they vest what should be done?

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but they offer disocunts after you join one country market…



Here are two Amazon stock analyses in which Amazon is classified as Sharia-compliant. I am nevertheless critical of this.

Islamicly Amazon Stock Report

IslamicFinanceGuru - Is Amazon Stock Halal?

Nevertheless, I would like to note the following: In the AAOIFI standards only the following activities are named as impermissible, alcohol, pork, gambling, interest.

Music, movies, cinemas, tobacco, weapons and armaments are not mentioned - here there are known differences of opinion (in the difference of opinion lies the blessing!).

That pornographic content is haram is beyond question.

What is your opinion about Amazon?