Anybody in Germany?

Salam brothers & sisters!
I wonder if anyone of you live in Germany. You know, halal investments here are far more difficult to get than in the UK or USA.
I recently bought some Islamic MSCI ETFs (which are available here) and trying to find some stocks using Zoya.
Do you know other investment possibilities in Germany? What is your experience??


@Rezk is from Germany as well. You two should connect! :slight_smile:


Thank you Saad, and congratulations on this wonderful platform.
Technically speaking, it is very promising!


Thanks Saad!

Yes, Germany is far behind when it comes to halal investments. Only the Islamic ETFs from MSCI are available. Everything else can only be saved through complex detours and high costs.

Zoya is literally the best way to check Sharia-compliant stocks.

Please write to me, I’ll be happy to help.


Salam everyone,

I’m also living in Germany. It’s quite hard to find halal investments here. We are also not allowed anymore to invest in US ETFs, so I’m mainly depending on individual stock picks in US.

Hope we can have other horizons


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Salam Tamer,
Why cannot you invest in US ETFs? There is no problem with that!
I have some investments in Islamic ETFs from MSCI and it works like a charm!

Thank you, Rezk!
No specific question, but I just wanted to know what are Muslims in Germany doing.
In my surrounding, most people are afraid of the investment idea because of lack of information and limited choices.
Sharing some personal experiences would be great!

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I was referring to ETFs like HLAL and SPUS. I think the MSCI are not based on US or at least not exclusively in the US.
This was due to recent EU law that requires ETFs to provide certain set of documentation and there is almost no ETF offering this for now.


Oh I did not know that, thank you for the information.
Yes, even Islamic ETFs are limited here.
But as for MSCI, they are based in Irland and about 50% of MSCI Islamic World is in USA. They have also MSCI Islamic USA which has historically a very good growth rate.


Hi everybody,
my name is Haithem. I am also based in Germany. It is even difficult to find brokers that allow free monthly saving plans to the iShares Islamic ETFs. I am using Trade Republic. But I can’t find any other ones for my kids for instance

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Hi Salam

Solltest du auf FB vertreten sein komm doch bei der Gruppe „halal investieren“-Community vorbei.
Die Diskussionen und der Austausch hier ist recht häufig interessant. Gibt wohl auch immer Feedback.

Ansonsten habe ich dassselbe Problem: ich habe die klassischen für uns verfügbaren ETFs im depot und that’s it. Ich denke darüber hinaus bleiben immerhin noch Aktien und eventuell (zu teure) Fonds.

Assalamu alaykum guys,

I´m Ferhat, 23 y old and from Berlin. Maybe we can have a WhatsApp-Gruppe? Or a Reddit-Sub.
It´s really hard to find halal investments … but I am a fan from ETF´s and “passives Einkommen” :slight_smile:

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Ich habe die Gruppe leider nicht gefunden …

Salam & Willkommen in der Community @ferhat ,

dank Zoya ist es heutzutage einfach, Halal Aktien zu finden. Alternativen wie Anleihen bzw. Sukuks (islamische Anleihen) sind in Deutschland nicht verfügbar. Welche Art von Halal Investitionen suchst du? Geht es dir um die “besten” Aktien? So gehts es allen Anlegern. Hier hilft nur lesen, lernen und analysieren. Ich kann dir gerne einige in Deutschland verbreitete Tools nennen die dir bei der Bewertung von Unternehmen helfen können.

Schreib mir auch gerne Privat wenn du fragen hast, ich helfe gerne!

Siehe unten für Englisch

Salam & Welcome to the Community,

thanks to Zoya it is easy to find Halal stocks nowadays. Alternatives like bonds or Sukuks (Islamic bonds) are not available in Germany. What kind of Halal investments are you looking for? Are you looking for the “best” stocks? This is the case for all investors. Only reading, learning and analyzing can help. I can give you some tools which are widely used in Germany and which can help you to evaluate companies.

Feel free to write me privately if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!