👋 Salaam and welcome! Who's out there?

Salaam everyone :wave:

  • I’m Yasin, a software engineer with an interest in finance and business.
  • Currently back in Morocco, after a few years in the Bay Area (still working remotely with my last start-up/employer).
  • Doubt I can be excited about holding something for a decade (excitement is generally short-lived), but I’m looking forward to seeing more and better options for aligning finances and my moral/ethical commitments.

Salam Aleykum. My name is Malik. I’m a pilot and I live in Moscow. I’ve been investing in stock just since 2020 so I’m a beginner. I would like to become competent in this topic and to share my experience with you.


Salaam all,

Just reading the bio of first 15 people is pretty impressive and almost intimidating. But excited to know that wealthy and successful Muslims are interested in Halal income. May Allah give us all barakah-filled halal/tayyib provisions and make us grateful to Him.

  1. I am Salahuddin. An average developer in technology. Total newb in investing world (pandemic found Zoya :slight_smile: ). Extremely happy to be able to lean on Zoya to buy and sell stocks with the chump change I have, Alhamdulillah.

  2. Live in Jersey.

  3. I haven’t sort out investing for 10 months yet. So let’s see what the future holds.

Nice to “meet” y’all.


Hello! Really excited about this space. Looking forward to taking in all the knowledge here (I’m an absolute rookie so not sure if I have much to contribute just yet)

I’m Firoze, working out of the Bay area as an Android developer.
Holding for the next decade? Honestly the things that come to mind are HLAL, SPRE and TSM. I’m a complete rookie so starting with relatively stable things like ETFs for now. Zoya has been an absolute game-changer in getting into investing in a Halal way. Really appreciate the efforts here!


:wave: Salam all, my name’s Yazin aka Halal Ninja

Started investing roughly 4 years ago, and have done pretty well so far (thanks, in no small part, to my main man Elon!). Currently working on an investment app for Muslims called Amal that we hope goes live this year inshallah!

Based in Bahrain. My favorite investment for the coming few years is a microcap called $SMTI



I am Rezk (Rizq) from Egypt. I was born in Germany and also live here. I have been studying Islamic Finance for over 10 years and am constantly learning.

I have been investing in the stock market myself for over 7 years.

Mainly I invest in growth and value stocks. Zoya made the business screening easier for me. I would be happy if Zoya would also update the market capitalization regularly so that the financial screening would also be correct.

It’s nice that there is a community and you can replace each other. I hope we can all learn from each other insha’allah.



Glad to see this forum. I’m Mahmoud, based out of Texas. Started investing with $500 in 2015 and still consider myself a newbie. I have no clue how I came across Zoya, but it’s been very useful MashaAllah.

Stock I’m most interested in is TWLO


Salams all. I am Hesham from Illinois. New to investing since last month. Eager to learn and honored to be in your company.

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Salam All !

I am glad that I joined this community . I am also thankful to Zoya for this nice service and app to screen for Halal stocks . Looking forward for more services and improvements .

I am interested in USA and Europe equities . I currently hold 100 stocks :open_mouth: and doing well . I have also invested in Crypto .
There are many stocks that I am excited about - Some are :

Cloudflare [NET]
Crowdstrike [CRWD]
Sea ([SE]
Roku [ROKU]

Ready for any support you need.

Naif from Saudi Arabia


السلام عليكم

Glad to be joining this community!

I am Farhan Ahmed, originally from New York, currently based out of Michigan. By trade I am a software engineer.

Not entirely new to finance; but hoping to learn good habits (and jettison bad one :wink:) and pick up concepts and understanding of how all of this works.


Salaam all,

Excited to be part of the Zoya community. Looking to learn from everyone here.
Congratulations on an excellent product to team Zoya! Keep up the good work.

My name is Adib Motiwala. I am the managing member of Motiwala Capital , a Registered Investment Management firm in Dallas, Texas. We offer separately managed investment accounts investing in public equities.


Salam everyone,

I recently decided to direct my modest investments myself because I was not satisfied with the performance of the mutual funds my bank was investing in. I also wanted more control in determining the “Halal-ness” of my portfolio.


Salaams y’all,

Osama from Ohio, Engineer, idk about 10 years but rn excited about BNTX, TSLA, And Semiconductor stocks (ASML & TSM).

Love this idea. @saad will this eventually be part of the Zoya app?

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Very nice video with Sh Joe, thanks for sharing Juan!

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Thank you akhi for your comment. May Allah bless you.

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I like your stock picks MashAllah

Welcome, @ohassen! We haven’t decided that just yet but it’s definitely something we plan on exploring.

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If there is a thread for a given stock ( say by Ticker ), maybe the app provides that link to jump to the community discussion around it. Could be a premium feature :slight_smile:

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I am Khaled Ibraheem from Saudi Arabia. I live in Riyadh. I worked in academia for a while then involved in solar energy EPC and Development.
I invest mainly in growth stocks.


Assalam Aleykom y’all:

  1. My name is Morad Elwir I am a Project Manager at a large engineering firm dealing with Real Estate and Land Development projects in the commercial and single family homes industry.

  2. I am located in Dallas, TX

  3. Too many to pick from but I’ve been interested in dividend stocks, Tech stocks in general and Crypto has been a hot topic lately that I would love to learn more about.

Excited about this community hope to learn a lot from everyone involved.