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Are Food Stocks sharia-compliant?

Hi all
Why companies which produce non Halal Food are marked as sharia compliant. Almost all Food companies produce non Halal Food.

Wouldn’t that depend on the % of non-halal food that is being produced?

Like if a company’s revenue comes 99% from chicken vs. 1% from pork, the 5% rule would say that this is a permissible company to invest in.

Note that “halal food” is a subjective term, this leads us down the rabbit hole of the non-zabiha being halal vs. haram debate, in addition to certain ingredients that are potentially labeled as halal vs. haram.

In the absence of allocating heavy resources to investigate such matters, I think a broad brushstrokes approach might be best. Walllahu a3lam.

Wonder what others think.

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