Are there halal stocks that are completely debt-free?

I am looking for stocks that are completely debt-free. I know there is a debate among scholars in whether the stocks that have debt in certain amount are halal or not and I just like to stay in the safe side.

I came across stocks like ALGN that are debt-free.
Any ideas?

Thanks and JAK


Here you can find out more about debt-free companies.

IFG - Halal Investment: A list of all the debt-free UK & US Stocks

A collection with companies is also provided. However, the collection is also outdated. Alternatively, only a stock screener helps, where you filter for 0% debt.

Thanks, Rezk,
I much appreciate your response and JAK. I am actually aware of that list and I know that some companies can have a zero debt and they start taking down the road. That is why I like to look for companies with zero debt and explore their history in the past.

Could you please provide me with the link of the stock screener?

CHKP ISRG AXON are all debt free