Salam brothers and sisters,

What’s the bank offering credit cards and why? Are there things I should avoid?

Salaam and welcome, @Kaysar! Not sure I follow your question. Can you clarify?

Sorry saad, auto correct had to fumble things :joy:.

I’ve recently turned 18 and I am considering getting a credit card. Are there any things I should avoid when looking into specific cards and their benefits e.g cash back?

Hah, no problem! Check out Shaykh @Joe Bradford’s video on this topic below. He also did a story on his Instagram which you can watch here.

getting a credit card at this age can be very beneficial for building credit. however if you have a parent or a relative that can add you as an authorized user to their account and they have had a credit card for some time then you will actually build credit based on the power of their credit history and come out on top with a higher score once you go and open up an account of your own after being an authorized user for 12 to 18 months.
that said one very accessible card for young people is the discover card. the most important thing to remember with owning a credit card is not to spend when you don’t have the money. only spend money that you know you can pay off within the billing period.