Best Brokerage App

Salaam everyone I just wanted to ask everyone what app they use to invest and where is the best place. I currently have Robinhood and I want to change either to Public or Webull and Soon I plan to open a Roth IRA on fidelity, TDA, or M1. does anyone have any tips for transferring and what I should do.

Basically, what I want in my brokerage app is to be able to do fractional shares, Instant buying power, be able to see different charts, RSI, and other stuff.

I use Schwab and M1 for personal, retirement, and custodial accounts. I also have Robinhood but I only use it when I want to take advantage of instant deposits.

Most brokers charge fees for transfers but I believe Schwab waives them.

Schwab & Fidelity are both good

i’m using Webull. it does has what you required. transfer/withdrawal is free using ACH. for international users you can setup borderless account with and using wise USD account for ACH transfer.

Schwab would reimburse any out going transfer fees from Robinhood. Good customer service.

I personally would stick to the largest, well known , best customer service brokers. Now I dont know about charting and other features. CS acquired TD so maybe you also get the features from ThinkorSwim.

I’m finding that I prefer Fidelity over Public. Public is nice if you have someone you like to follow who posts educational Information, but even then we get usually have a different platform where they deliver that message. It is also very much tailored towards new investors and the buying and selling options are “dumbed down” to keep people from making mistakes. They do have fractional trading though, and it’s easy to only spend a set amount.
Fidelity has much better information on performance, whether that is day to day or overall. Their ThinkOrSwim app offers a little variety, but I think the classic app has all the same features arranged differently. They offer fractional shares, and give you full control of the buying process. They also offer OTC stocks (penny stocks) if that’s something you desire.

I use Charles Schwab and like it. Their customer service is great.