Best YouTube Resources For The Latest Stock Related Information


I know there are many seasoned veterans of the stock market on this forum.

I’d like to know what YouTube channels you’d suggest for the latest, in depth and accurate market insights ?

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Not seen anything…everything I’ve seen there is clickbait.

It’s really easy to make 100 predictions and remind everyone repeatedly of the times you got it right, but ignore all the ones you got wrong.

Wish I could tell you of someone I like following but youtube is about getting you to watch videos more than anything else!

likely will not find this on youtube.
information of value is not free.

Alternative: consider finding individuals who are knowledgeable and track their public comments versus following a specific channel. People who are knowledgeable do not give out free investment insight via a dedicated channel.

@hkirefu @UmarA

This is also the sense I got from YouTube., although I was hoping otherwise :smiley:

Thank you for your insights