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Bought non compliant stock without realizing, what should i do?

Salam Aleykum, i had listed a complaint stock on my list, but it had turned non compliant. So when i bought it, it was already non compliant and I didn’t know it, i had some profit and i am still holding that stock, and later on i realized it is non compliant!
What should i do with the profit i made, should i purify my wealth, and can i wait for the stock price to recover in order to sell without a loss?

Salaam and welcome, @umerselmani! Don’t worry, this has happened to most of us at some point. We’ve outlined some general suggestions in our FAQs (link below) on what to do in this situation.


Salaam Saad!
In the FAQ you mention that you cover the AAOIFI methon. I can’t find the relevant place in the AAOIFI standards, maybe you have a reference for this?