Buffett & Munger: A Wealth of Wisdom

Anyone catch this on CNBC earlier this week?

Buffett and Munger are brilliant individually but even better when they’re together. It’s amazing how sharp their minds are even in their 90s.

If you prefer to read instead, you can find the transcript here.

Some great quotes from the interview:

“We learned a long time ago that you can’t make a good deal with a bad person. Just forget it. Now, if you think you can draw up a contract that, that is going to work against a bad person, they’re gonna win. They probably enjoy litigation.”

“The bad guys win. They know more games. They may lose eventually. but it’s no way to spend your life.”

“We made a lot of money. But what we really wanted was independence. What really is great is if you can do what you want to do in life and associate with the people you want to associate with in life. That beats 25-room houses and six cars.”


These 2 gems are aligned with Islamicity, in my humble opinion. Specifically, to break free from the financial “slavery”/shackle of this dunya, rather than to impress peers or random strangers on social media, and the Islamic message for liberating people under oppression via powerful financial means! :smiley::pray:t3:

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