Build mock funds to track historical performance without importing securities from trading platforms

As-salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmaa Tu’lahi Wa Brakatu,

I would like a feature where we can build funds or baskets to track historical performance or track current performances.

What’s the uniqueness of this:
Seeing real time and historical changes or custom built funds to track our own interests or companies we would like to invest in the future.

What problem is this solving:

  1. Instead of cluttering a single watch list or importing assets through a trading platform, we can build funds without additional mess or connected accounts.

  2. Can help plan for future investments
    2.1) Share custom funds with evidence of potential performance

  3. Create and track subsets of well known funds
    3.1) Tracking only the halal securities of Fund ABC and comparing it with the entirety of Fund ABC

3.2) Build and plan thematic subset funds from well known larger funds

3.3) Create thesis of how to outperform well known funds

Some use cases:

  1. Building a fund with NVDA, AMD, and AVGO and seeing historically if a fund consisting of those three has done well or if it will changing to perform as required

  2. Comparing different custom funds to help brainstorm ideas

  3. See how well a fund will do without the haram assets Vs how well it will do with just the halal assets

  4. Comparing funds, custom funds, and subsets with well known indices or market trackers.

I also this this will be quite beneficial for users to share ideas with one another and to reduce risk or bad planning by a system of peer reviewing investment plans.

Jazakhalla khairan,


I would love to see this product/feature as well!