Can some the list of Canadain shariya Complaint dividend stocks

I have prepared a list of Canadain shariya Complaint dividend stocks. Kindly guide if those stocks are good choice for long trem dividend investment? and feel free to suggest Canadain shariya Complaint dividend stocks.

Canadain shariya Complaint Monthly dividend stocks:

Canadain shariya Complaint Quarterly dividend stocks:

  • CNR.TO
  • ABX.TO
  • KL.TO
  • STN.TO
  • CP.TO
  • RBA.TO
  • WCN.TO
  • NWC.TO
  • SJ.TO
  • LIF.TO

i like the idea of a community built universe of dividend paying and shariah compliant stocks!

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I can’t comment on the specific companies you’ve listed but here are some of the key metrics worth looking at when evaluating dividend stocks:

  • Payout ratio (% of the company’s earnings paid out as dividends) should ideally be less than 55%.
  • Debt levels/coverage (specifically net debt/capital and net debt/EBITDA ratios)
  • Are the company’s sales growing moderately over time?
  • Have dividends been growing over time? (see Dividend Aristocrats)
  • Did the company cut or maintain dividends during a recession?

nice list !

how about Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNV.TO)

  • BBD-PD.TO looks to have a high debt level (it is part of BBD-B.TO if not mistaken)
  • SJ.TO with ~ 800mm of debt may be crossing into non-compliant based on criteria
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