Change in shariah compliance year to year

I have a doubt , if we purchase a Share in any year ( say 2021 ) and that stock passes all Sharia laws in FY 2021 But in FY 2022 result of the company it fails in some of the parameters. So in that case what we should do ?

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We received this question in a previous discussion, and here’s the answer we covered.

Salaam everyone,

I’ve been using Zoya to screen stocks for the past few years now. I had a question about one of the stocks that `I had purchased while it was shown as being Sharia compliant (on Zoya). Since then the stock has depreciated in market cap and is hence is now below the 30% debt/market ratio to make it shariah non-compliant. I now wanted to know from a Islamic legal perspective what the right way forward is:

  1. I sell off my current stock right now and book losses.
  2. Wait and sell off the stock at cost price and hence not book any gains.

I do understand that this is a question that should be followed in more detail with a religious scholar/mufti — but was just wondering if it has been discussed before on this forum.



I would like to know too, as almost 75% of portfolio converted to non-shariah compliant stocks. worried how to navigate in this situation.

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