Clarity and certainty of compliance for a particular Stock

Stock screening have made me very confused because a certain stock or ETF has different status on different screeners, i understand that there are different criteria that are used by different organizations but how do we get clarity if we see different status.

DOL โ€“ Dollarama Inc

1: Zoya marked it as COMPLIANT
2: com marked it as DOUBTFUL
3: marked it as compliant

what is general guideline in this situation

Just use one screener and donโ€™t look at the others.
Because it gets confusing as they have different rules.

I donโ€™t have any relationship with Zoya but I recommend it!

As I understand it also depends on the frequency of checks performed by screeners. Sometimes the compliance status of a stock may change. Depending on how soon a screener is revalidating the status you may see the difference.

Maybe someone from Zoya can explain this better than me.

This is explained in our FAQs here: How often are the shariah compliance reports updated? | Zoya Help Center