Code of Conduct

In the Zoya Community, members from all over the world come together to share in like-minded conversations around personal finance and halal investing. These community guidelines help ensure that all members have the best possible experience.

By participating in this community, you agree to adhere to the rules in this guide. The Zoya team has the right and responsibility to remove comments that are not aligned with these rules, or to ban temporarily or permanently any user for inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful behaviors.

To protect yourself and demonstrate respect for others as you participate in the community:

  1. Respect differences. Keep in mind that everyone here is on a unique personal finance journey and Zoya community members come from a variety of backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. We are all succeeding and struggling in our own ways. Let’s treat everyone with respect.
  2. Assume good intentions. Not everyone communicates in the same way. Assume the person who posted was coming from a place of sincerity and good will.
  3. Don’t be unconstructive. We have a zero-tolerance policy for offensive/antagonistic comments, personal attacks, harassing your fellow community members, promoting unreliable news sources, posting misleading information, derailing topics, trolling, etc. Offenders will be banned without warning.
  4. Discuss the topic, not the person. It’s okay to have opposing views on different topics, and it’s even okay to express views about Zoya that aren’t all positive. It’s not okay to attack an individual for expressing those views.
  5. No spamming, advertising, or referral/affiliate links allowed. Spam or advertising offenders may be banned without warning. Including a link in your post may flag it for review. We will remove referral/affiliate links as needed.
  6. Never impersonate Zoya employees or other community members. Offenders will be banned without warning.


Instances of abusive, harassing or otherwise, unacceptable behavior can be reported confidentially to the Zoya team through the email address,

All complaints will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that is deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances. The Zoya team will maintain the confidentiality of the reporter of an incident.

The Zoya team reserves the right to remove community members if they are behaving in a manner that is counter to the community values and Code of Conduct.

Thanks for helping us create a welcoming environment!