Commission-free investing is coming to Zoya!

@quadriss I don’t have a timeframe to share at the moment but we hope to start inviting users soon, insha’Allah. Thanks for your patience!

@ATS Yes, we’re able to support incoming transfers via ACAT.

Is the service live yet?
Everywhere I read it said early 2022 but we’re already in q3 and no word on an approximate date even or if it is up and the waitlist is just moving slowly.
I wanted to close my robin hood account to trade exclusively on here but if its not going to be up anytime within the next week or so I might just have to open another account somewhere else.

Hey @toastermicrowave, thanks for checking in. We did initially have plans to launch it sooner, and indeed work continues on our side.

Our roadmap is very is very ambitious and over the past little while, our team has delivered our Zakat calculator and the portfolio tracker.

You might have to keep your Robinhood account open a bit longer but in the meantime, you link your Robinhood account with Zoya. Let me know if you have any questions about getting that set up.

Our team is working hard Zoya Invest up and running very soon, and I really appreciate you checking in.

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Assalaam Walekum. Do you have a timeline as to when will this be available ? Month??

Walaikum Assalaam Syed,

We don’t have a timeline right now. Our team is working really hard on this Zoya Invest is a priority for us.

we can’t diposit through our debit cards in pakistan make bank transfer available to your pakistani users remember we can only transfer to pakistani banks.

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Assalaamu Alykum Naseer!

Welcome to the community. It’s great to have you with us. I appreciate you letting us know about the blocker for users in Pakistan.

i have tried more than 20 apps but i was not able to diposit. we don’t have a single app through which we can invest in international stocks.

walaikum assalam Farhan :smiley:

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Salam aleykoum

I would like to know when Zoya Invest will be available ?

Walaikum Assalaam Yassir,

Thanks for reaching out. Our team is working hard to make Zoya Invest available soon. I can’t speak to an actual, but you can expect an announcement soon… inshallah.

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Many thanks for your answer brother.

I have some questions regarding the upcoming ZoyaInvest broker :

    1. Are we paid on the cash that we deposit? Some brokers like Trade Republic pay up to 2% of the cash deposited.
    1. Are there any fees for negative interest (like Degiro does)?
    1. Do we own our shares? Can we vote at General meetings ? If so how much does it cost?
    1. Are our shares lent as may be the case with other brokers?
    1. Are our shares and our cash reinvested in the markets? If so, is it possible to withdraw my consent for this?

Jazak Allah kheyran

@Farhan did you had a chance to look at this question ?

May Allah reward you with Jannah

Salam aleykoum brothers,

Do you have any update regarding Zoya invest and my questions above ?

I saw that the “invest” section was removed from the app, is there any particular reason?

I like the ‘build your own index’ feature that M1 Finance and Fidelity’s “FidFolios” offer. This is also known as a customized or personalized index. They also allow automated investing based on allocated weights and automatic rebalancing [which of course requires microshare capabilities]. I think M1’s is far better though as they allow more investments per ‘pie / index’ and also allow you to put a ‘pie within a pie’. Please see these quick videos which explain better what I’m talking about.

Fidelity Solo FidFolios - Fidelity Solo FidFolios℠ - Customized investing - YouTube
M1 Finance Pies - How To: Create a New Pie (Web) - YouTube

I really hope Zoya offers something like this because one of the main use cases for this service are halal conscious investors.

I agree this would be great. However I think it would be even better if Zoya or some other company partnered with Zoya launched a set of ETFs that are better than what’s there now (lower fees, more transparent methodology). It’s simpler and more tax efficient.

Assalaam Walekum

Do you have any update on when Zoya invest will be available. Its been a while since we heard about it.

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