🎉 Commission-free investing is coming to Zoya! Get Early Access

Commission-free investing is coming to Zoya!

The cat may be already out of the bag but it’s time for us to officially share some very exciting news. We’re bringing commission-free investing to Zoya! With this new feature, you’ll be able to invest in individual stocks and pre-built halal portfolios from over 50 countries around the world. Be one of the first to get access by joining the waitlist at the link below.

Beyond that, I wanted to open this space up for conversation about the feature. What are Zoyans looking for in their investing tool? What tools are you guys using now to make your investments? Does anyone have questions about what commission-free investing means? Let’s talk :smiley:


Great Great News. What will be the funding methods to deposit/withdraw funds ? Debit/Credit cards, bank transfers, Wise etc.

Will you be offering just Halal stocks or the whole US market ?

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Can we transfer current account from another broker to Zoya.

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Mashallah, this is amazing! Do you guys have a halal cryptoasset exchange platform in the pipeline too?
They say selling the shovels to the goldminers is where the real money’s at!
Plus it’s halal and with no leverage it would be better for the crypto space as a whole!


Maashaa Allah. A very welcome development. I hope those resident in Nigeria can invest in it as well because as a Muslim resident in Nigeria, it is quite challenging getting easy access to most halal investment platforms, this will be a deal breaker. May Allah bless the initiators of this opportunity. I can’t wait to sign up.

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Hey ya’ll apologies for my tardiness here.

@maani_mohammed Funding methods will vary depending on your location but in the US we will initially support ACH (via bank linking) and wire transfers.

@maani_mohammed Most stocks will be made available since the compliance status of a stock can change over time.

@quadriss Yes, shares can be transferred if coming from an ACAT eligible institution.

I’d say it’s a bit early days but definitely a space worth watching. Thanks for tuning in @Darrel_Lychee.

@Ameenah114 Yes, you will be able to invest from Nigeria! Take a look at our new FAQ page to see where Zoya Invest will be available.


Will Zoya Invest be another app or will it be a feature in the current app. If it will be in the current app, then is it necessary to buy a pro version of the app or we can use it separately ?

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@maani_mohammed Same app! We’ll share more information regarding how Zoya Pro fits into this as we get closer to launch. :+1:

Do you have an estimate of the launch date. Is it weeks or months…

We don’t have a public launch date yet but we’ll begin inviting users from the top of the waitlist within this quarter, insha’Allah!


So great to hear this

Will that list be updated soon? No Canada or Turkey on the list.
Also will only US stocks be available or will there be international stocks as well?

Thanks for the feedback, @khalid.karamali! The list of supported countries will be limited initially due to regulatory restrictions but we hope to add more over time. Regarding the equities universe, we’ll be launching with US stocks only but international stocks are on the roadmap.

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Zoya invest will not be available in Canada?? :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @Riri Welcome to the Community! Great to have you with us.

And no, Zoya Invest won’t be available to Canadians at launch due to some restrictions. We’re working on making it available, but there’s no time table at the moment.

assalamuaalikum can i invest world stock if i am in pakistan?

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Walaikum Assalaam Hasnain!
Yes :smiley: Pakistan will be available at launch on Zoya Invest


Assalaam Wa Alaikum. Can you let me know when Zoya Invest is available for all. I am on a waiting list for months and would like to know a time frame.

When the Zoya invest will be available? Can I transfer my TD Ameritrade to Zoya invest?

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