Community Events Category!

Hey Assalaamu Alykum Everyone!

This is the launch of a brand new category in the Zoya Community Forum, this is is a category for Events. This began thanks to a Zoyan who took initiative to launch a investment club (thank you @hkirefu ), but I’d like to encourage others to continue with the spirit as well. Zoyans are a broad and varied community, with people who are living across the world and doing exciting work, whether professionally or otherwise. If you’d like to host, join in or see what’s what, please use this space. If you’re not sure how to get something going, or wondering what you can do, let me know. We can brainstorm together.

I’ll be hosting Community Office Hour’s sometime soon. On a personal note, I’ll be in and out of the office as I take paternity for the next little bit, but there will be a schedule for Office Hours soon iA.

Quick note from tho, please don’t use these community to sell or solicit to other Zoyans, it’s mentioned in our FAQ/Guidelines and we will enforce it. In the future there’ll be events hosted by Zoya as well as events hosted and organized by Zoya community members, already seeing great stuff.