Community List: Non Profits to Donate to

Hey Guys!

Got a question. With annual taxes coming due soon in Canada (it’s where I live and it’s cold) and I’ll be making some donations to a organization soon. I’ve been told it’s similar in the US and I imagine elsewhere as well. Let me know if I’m wrong and when taxes are due where you are and if this applies to you as well.

I want to get a running list of organizations Zoyans are familiar with and trust.

Personally, we (my household not Zoya) have a recurring amount set up Obat Canada. We’re familiar with the organizers and have seen their work in the communities pay off. Check them out on the link below.

Let’s share orgs that Zoyans already love so we can increase their visibility in our community.

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Wa Alaikumussalam,

Check out Hamza Yusuf’s Zaytuna College: (California, US)
I haven’t checked the tax exemption / returns, though (btw - I’m from India).

You can find bunch of projects at - crowd funding by muslims.

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