Compliance update: Yearly or Quarterly?

Salaams @saad @Joe

Out of curiosity how often do you update the shariah compliance? Is it done on a quarterly basis or only year end?

I have some investments in Vinco Ventures ($BBIG), and it is considered as shariah compliant. However, they recently acquired a Tiktok like app called Lomotif. They have a subsidiary company calledy Emmersive Entertainment that focuses on NFTs, and recently started to use the Lomotif app to promote music albums of artist - new source of revenue for them. But unlikely to be updated very soon? So was curious how Zoya goes about this?

I plan to hold my shares, unless the shariah compliance change.

On another note, Vinco Ventures plan to spin out the Emmersive subsidiary as a public company, would I be right to assume that would be non compliant? I will get a share in that company if I hold to my Vinco ventures shares.

Within how many days should I sell the shares if zoya considers that to be non permissible? As I believe Zoya donโ€™t offer ipo compliance?

I think Zoya updates quarterly. Every time the company reports earnings, Zoya should update within a week or two. Not 100% sure.

These tiny companies are quite confusing and itโ€™s hard to find all the info for them.