Crocs Stock Conversation

Hi, I think this is a great platform for everyone to learn more about halal investing. One thing I want to talk about is the Crocs stock (CROX), and it’s immense success as a stock. Why do you guys think it had so much success, and will it be a good investment for the long term moving forward?

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Thanks for posting. I have never owned Crocs or done much research into it. I know in the past it had a successful run and then it came back to earth. Looks like 2.0 happened from 2017 into 2020 and then from the covid crash again to all time highs.

What I can see from the numbers is
(1) Sales stopped declining and started increasing from 2018.
(2) Op Margins expanded
(3) Went from $10M in Net Income in 2017 to $50M and $120M in 2019.
(4) $320M in 2020. but may taper down in 2021

Wow. In the VL report the stock was $81 and i was already baulking. and checked the price is over $110 and Market cap $7.5B. That could be 30x PE.

No opinion on it. but wow. stock was under $10 in covid. and $750M market cap

Something to be said about using Price / Sales or EV/ Sales metric…