Crypto trading via telegram signals

Aslam o alaikum my brother and sisters. I would need your kind attention and your guidance based on facts. There is a telegram Chanel that posts crypto signals everyday, their profit probability is high but what they basically is that they make a group of investor-let’s say 10k people putting money in a same stock (crypto), they influence the market by making it hit 100% and more. But that influence can only be seen on only the exchange they trade on. Let’s say they posted a signal and 10 thousand invested in it. In the matter of minutes the stock hits 100% on the given DEX but the actual price of the asset remains the same on other exchanges. For example, today the posted a signal that FTM will hit 100% target in bitswap exchange, while the FTM was trading at 0.19. Within minuts FTM jumped to 0.5 on Bitswap and then came back to normal price . I have to ask if it is halal and not gambling ? Gambling has high probability of lossing every penny I guess. But here, group of people through their money to influence a stock on only one particular exchange then after making profit the stock comes to its normal price .

This is a form of market manipulation. It is a highly unethical practice, and I’d be surprised to find any scholar who would approve of it.