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May I ask you whether $DIDI is Shariah-complaint or not? It’s not showing in Zoya App.

However, is it safe to invest in Shariah non-complaint stock as it’s considered as growth stock and not giving dividends?

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Salam Adnan,
As you may know, DIDI is a recently IPO’d company that generated a lot of excitement because of what they have been able to achieve in China. However, it may take a couple of months before appearing in Zoya because we wait for them to release their first annual filing. We will still try our best to get it added to the database on a priority basis so that it displays on the app.

Your question regarding growth stocks is a very good one. At Zoya we try our best to not penalize pre-revenue companies (particularly biotech or pharma ones which are spending money on R&D and still not generating any revenue) by flagging that the reason they may have a higher ‘Interest Income’ component is because of the current state of their company. For other growth companies, I would suggest you make your own judgement and use Zoya as an information tool to make a final investment decision, but Zoya will always try its best to display accurate information in accordance with AAOFI principles. Hope that makes sense!


I would suggest you look at what the Chinese governement did to $DIDI on Friday. Another reason to stay away from Chinese stocks.

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Thanks Taha for the valuable answer :pray:

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Article for reference:


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