Difference between HSBC funds

Can someone please explain the difference between https://www.assetmanagement.hsbc.co.uk/api/v1/download/document/lu0466842654/gb/en/factsheet and for example this https://www.assetmanagement.hsbc.co.uk/api/v1/download/document/ie000x9fti22/gb/en/factsheet ?

I know the difference between Index fund and ETF, but i can’t think of any reason why index fund can be 3 times more expensive than the ETF in terms of expense ratio. It is passivly managed and track Dow Jones Global 100 Titan Index.
HSBC index fund has a 0.939 % expense ratio but the HSBC world ETF has only 0.30%

Salam Alaykum. Thank you for sharing and asking. The biggest difference lies in the composition of the Fund or ETF, which will heavily impact their performances. The HSBC ISLAMIC GLOBAL EQUITY INDEX FUND tracks the Dow Jones Global 100 Titan Index, whereas the HSBC MSCI World Islamic ESG ETF tracks the MSCI World Islamic index.

Blue: HSBC Fund

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