Discord for Zoyans?

Assalaamu Alykum Zoyans!

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about meeting up, about being in the same space for quite a while. I brought this up last week when I suggested Clubhouse and was mocked and reminded about Twitter Spaces. That’s cool, I’m here to find what we can do for Zoyans and deliver for our community.

Now, over this week, I’ve been looking into Discord. We tweeted about it.

The response to the tweet has been fun, but I wanted to check in here as well. Are you familiar with Discord? Do you use it already? What kind of conversations / content would you like to see? Expect? This forum community is a beautiful place and here to stay, but our community isn’t defined by this site.

  • Yes, I’d be there on Discord with you all
  • No, I don’t think I’ll be on Discord

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