Dividend purification for reinvested money

I have some investments in SPUS, HLAL. For dividend purification, I’ve been paying the purification amount to charity, separately from my bank account. The actual dividend stays in my investment account and gets reinvested.
(For example, if I receive $100 in dividend and $5 is haram, I pay the $5 to charity from a separate bank account. The $100 dividend stays in the investment account and gets auto re-invested.)

Considering that the reinvested amount also earns more money in future, is there any percentage of future earning that needs purification too? (Because technically $5 from my $100 was originally not halal)

Any help or guidance is appreciated!

As far as I know, no specific percentage of future earnings requires additional purification since purifying the original amount is considered sufficient. Just continue purifying future dividends as usual.

If you want to be certain, I’d recommend contacting the funds and asking them to confirm the process with their respective shariah boards.

Thank you for the reply!