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Doordash - Business screen

Alsalam Alaikum,

Firstly, I would like to thank the team behind Zoya for providing this service & translating AAIOFI guidelines into a very accessible system.

Doordash is a delivery platform that can deliver non-permissible foods/items etc depending on the vendor. I understand the perspective that Dash is providing a platform in the same way that Visa is a platform.
However, I would like to discuss this further within this community as Dash is more involved than just a platform. It provides a delivery service of the products as well.
Was this aspect considered in the business screen? Looking forward to the community’s input.


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Hey Walaikum Assalaam @Yousef! Thanks for taking the time to post in the Zoya Community.

This is actually a great question. If I understand properly, are we wondering that since $DASH not only allows consumers to buy bacon but then also deliver the bason, it’s behaving as more than a platform?

On the business screen, most of $DASH’s revenue is as a Local Logistics Platform. Does this not accurately describe their business?

Love to hear what others have to say.

Salaam @Yousef and welcome!

There is some debate among scholars on the shariah compliance of companies that operate as platform providers. Some are of the view that such income is lawful since the company is merely providing the space between vendors and clients and it is ultimately the client who chooses to order the impermissible product. On the other hand, some scholars are of the view that it is not permissible since the company acts as a facilitator by providing the platform. So it ultimately boils down to which scholarly opinion is more aligned with your personal values.

That said, while Zoya may flag this as compliant today, we’ll continue to explore it further with our shariah board.