Dropshipping halal or not?

Salam aleykoum everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right place but I’m looking for an answer that I haven’t found so far.
Is dropshipping halal or not?

if anyone has the answer it was really very useful to me thank you very much in advance

Walaikum Assalaam Django,

I don’t see why not, it’s just an online store. It can be haram, but I’m sure you can operate one by respecting shariah principles. Maybe I’m missing something. Is there a specific part of dropshipping that’s concerning to you?

when you do dropshipping the customer buys you a product that you order after the customer’s purchase on your shop so when the customer buys the product from you you do not yet have it since you must subsequently order it

The Messenger of Allah (saw) did prohibit the sale of what the seller does not own. From Hakeem bin Hazam who said:

“I said: O Messenger of Allah, there comes to me a man asking me to sell what I do not have to sell then I buy if from the market. He said: Do not sell what you do not have”

I see what you mean.

I’ve come across this blog post by one of our Advisors here at Zoya, Sh Joe Bradford. He says that it is fine and then lays out the reasoning for it pretty well. Take a look. I believe it addresses your concern.

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thank you a lot it’s ok if i can refund the customer !!!

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