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Easiest & Cheapest way to invest for people not having any EU or US bank accounts?

Header is clear enough i think. I’m from a middle-east country, want to invest global stocks but dont have any common knowledge nor any bank accounts eligible for investing. And i’m sure there are lots of others like me. (i think you’re abliged to have bank account in US ?)

Any help?

Welcome, @smartdark! Have you looked into Interactive Brokers? They are available in several countries around the world including some in the Middle East.

You do not need a Us Bank account. Interactive Brokers is your best bet. You can fund the brokerage account with your local bank.

If you do not know much about individual stock investing , ETF / mutual fund or an investment manager maybe a good starting point.

You can try Tradestation as well. they do open as well for Middle east countries. you can also link your account with Trading View which is very useful .

Interactive Brokers is also available and better but not yet linkable to Trading View

Try Passfolio, I’m happy with them.
It’s available worldwide.

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