Employer 403b question

Salams everyone,

My employer 403b account only lets me choose the following investments - attached picture. They also have a self directed brokerage - TD Ameritrade but I can only transfer 50 percent of my balance to the self directed account. The other 50% has to remain with the investment company and I have to choose one of their investments. None are halal options. Any suggestions or a way around this? Can’t take out my money till 59 or till I leave the company.

Salaam @Luqman, welcome!

I would start by using the 50% self-directed option to invest in shariah compliant stocks or funds. For the remaining 50%, none of the funds on the list look like great options, unfortunately. I recommend manually reviewing the holdings of RERGX, VFWPX, QISCX, VEMPX, DODGX, VIIIX, and VVPMAX to see which has the least amount of exposure to non-compliant stocks and go with that. Lastly, I recommend purifying your portfolio on a yearly basis by donating a portion of the gains to charity to account for the non-compliant portion.

Allah knows best!

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