I have one 1 ETH , i been loving it , does anyone else have it ?
is it better to have than BTC?

Can we all buy TSLA tomorrow as well

So I’m not super familiar with crypto, but I know we got a couple of members who are, so I’m hoping we’ll get their input soon.

What I will say is that I’m growing more and more skeptical about the ETH foundation and whether it’s truly decentralized. For that reason, I’m finding it harder to compare them apples to apples.

Is your comment about TSLA related to ETH and BTC? I don’t follow

It is not related but it had a good intra trading day

Prolly ETH, post merge it has gained the status of world class asset sharing revenue with the investers(if you stake)
PS way less eth emissions now.
only thing holding back for now i guess is market. there are some other coins sharing revenue like LINK… imo if you’re positioned well in those coins and your time horizon is 2-5 years you’re GMI🙂