[Feature Request âś…] - Delivered - Indian stocks

Hi There… Assalamualaikum…As per your roadmap when are u planning to add Indian stock exchanges to ur app? Really looking forward to it pls.

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Hey Zafar! Walakum Assalaam :smiley:

Adding Indian and other exchanges as you mentioned is on our Roadmap. I don’t have a date for it just yet, but you’re in the right place. We’ll be using this community as the first place when we start launching out beta’s for this and other features in the future.

Is there a way for non-NRIs to invest aside from ADRs, Mutual funds and ETFs? Can shares be purchased directly?

Given India’s crackdown on muslims, it is very difficult to get NRI status.

Oh wow, I didn’t realize you had to be Indian/NRI to invest in Indian stocks. As a Canadian I’ve always been able to invest in American stocks. Guess I thought it’d be the same everywhere.