[Feature Request 💡] Download list of compliant stocks

Is it possible to download a list of UK compliant stocks once signed up to Zoya?

My idea here is to download the list and then import them into a third party programme to further research each stock. I am looking to then add them into Sharescope Sharepad.

If that is not possible are you able to view a full list UK compliant stocks rather than having to search them individually in Zoya?


I am interested in a CSV file to import into Excel so I can quickly compare & eliminate the stock that are impermissible during my research.
Currently I have to lookup each individual stock on Zoya.
There are about 100 undervalued stocks that I check, which change everyday.
Some are not listed on Zoya & some I can’t buy on my platform, so very time consuming to sort/filter & select stocks each time.

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So assume this is not possible as there has been no replies.

Thank you both for your suggestions! Currently, this is only available through our Zoya for Companies offering for our b2b customers. However, we do plan on exploring a similar feature for our app users in the near future.

Thanks. How much is the Zoya for Companies and where can we find out more about this?

Has there been any progress made on this request? I share the same pain as @torx and @Rashid_Lohiya, but I am interest in US stocks. the ability to download a csv with all the compliant stocks will go a long way.

Walaikum Assalaam everyone,

Although we don’t the ability to CSV’s from the app, I’m wondering if we’re all familiar with the filter in the app to view only shariah compliant stocks.

To set the filter, from the Companies screen click on “See All” for any of the given sectors, from there click on filter on the top right corner of the screen. From Filter you can select to view only compliant, non-compliant questionable stocks or whichever combination.

Let me know if this helps.

The purpose of the csv is to download the list and use it in a third party software as an “Investing Universe” if you will and apply criteria’s to it. with the way it is now, it is extremely cumbersome to manually check on the phone each and every stock that pops in third-party software.
So the filter you are mentioning will not work for the intended use.

Thanks for sharing the insight, @FloMo. Can you elaborate more on what kind of filters/criteria you apply using the third party tool? I’d love to explore the possibility of bringing some those features into Zoya directly.

those can be indicators such as: Stochastics in the oversold/overbought area; Momentum Today higher than Momentum 14 Day; AVG 20-day Volume less than AVG 200-day Volume; Golden Cross (MA50 crossing over MA200); a specific candlestick formation; etc. it can be thousands of combinations depending on what one is scanning for. folks who are into fundamental analysis have other indicators to scan for.
so @saad: are you willing to provide Pro members with a monthly list of all compliant stocks?

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Wondering if possible to download the tickers in Excel sheet for analysis.

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Walaikum Assalaam Awan,

Welcome to our community. So glad to have you with us. I’ve moved your post to this existing discussion. At the moment, it’s not possible to download from Zoya, but it continues to be something users are asking for. Please take a look at the rest of the thread and see if anything else strikes a cord or if I’ve moved this to the wrong place. Let me know.