[Feature Request 💡] Facilitate Day Traders

Please cater to Muslim day traders as they will be your best customers. The average long term investor wouldn’t need a monthly subscription; just a quick check on which blue-chip stocks are halal and they are good to go for a long time.

The day trader on the other hand deals with a whole new set of trending stocks that he’s never heard of before, everyday. Belonging to the latter category myself, I try to consult Zoya a lot for all the new stock tickers I encounter in my trading career. However the unfortunate reality is that most of these stocks are not available on Zoya. An easy way for Zoya to find out what these stocks may be is to check the top 10 trending stocks on ‘StockTwits’ or to just see the stocks with the highest percentage gains during the day or during premarket hours and subsequently add them to Zoya to determine if they are halal to trade or not. This would help us Muslim day traders immensely and would be a great reason for us to be monthly subscribers.

Love the feedback @Sohaib_Qadri!

We’re committed to expanding the universe of stocks we cover, just a few weeks ago we added over 500 OTC stocks to our list.

Beyond adding more stocks to the list, are there other features that a day trader would expect or like to see in Zoya?