[Feature Request 💡] Home Page Feedback

The home landing page of the app, in my opinion, is the lest useful part of Zoya. There are many resources out there that help us find good stocks to invest in. Zoya’s edge is in helping us find halal stocks to invest in. Why then does the app even show stocks that are not halal on the home screen? It should just filter out for only those stocks that are deemed halal by Zoya. Because of this issue I almost never use the home screen. I would much rather have the halal stock search page as the landing page in this situation.

Assalaamu Alykum Sohaib! Welcome to the Zoya Community. Great to have you with us.

This is really helpful feedback. Very helpful for us to hear what our users are expecting. How would you describe your ideal landing page?

For Example: Creat a home page with selected order…

Thanks for the suggestion, @kingmajeed!