[Feature Request πŸ’‘] IPO Compliance?


I just got an email from Robinhood saying Clear (YOU) is about to IPO and will give access to buy shares at the IPO price. This made me wonder whether this could be a feature in Zoya where it would tell us if this is compliant and whether we can invest in it (I realize this may not be possible but I wanted to post and get the thoughts of the community).

Looking forward to hearing from the community.


Thanks for the suggestion, @firoze! In general, newly listed companies can take a couple of months to start appearing in Zoya. If the company doing IPO is considered important for the investment community and has released historical annual reports for us to capture info, then we would add it to the database immediately. Factors such as the size of the company, liquidity, and index inclusion will also play an important role when we prioritize which companies to update first.

That said, it’s on our roadmap this year to try to expedite the IPO screening process so we can make them available much sooner, if not on day one.