[Feature Request 💡] Israel-supporting companies tag


I have an important suggestion to the the app, as we as muslims we must boycott all companies who supports the occupation of Palestine, I suggest adding a mark or tag or something like that for the companies who supports Israel.

It’ll make it more easier for us as muslims to boycott and avoid buying these stocks.

May Allah help our brothers in Palestine and Gaza especially.

Salaams @saad - is there an update to this request? I’m looking at the app now and don’t see a criteria filter nor some sort of red flag indicator.

Salaam! For now, we’ve removed all Israel-domiciled stocks from the app. In the future, we might do a treatment similar to what @ysr suggested.

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Waleykum as salam,

This is good, however if the information is made available then it will be beneficial that which stocks are Israel-domiciled ones.

As Salamu alaikum Brother,
How does it currently look? Are you currently addressing the issue of companies supporting Israel, or could it take a while longer?

Salam aleykum,

Any news or roadmap concerning this option to see which company support Palestine and which company support Israel ?

I really want to use Zoya, but if Nvidia and other brands like AMD are marked halal, I find this inconsistent given the different investments they make in Israel.

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This is obviously an important issue for all of us. However, there is unfortunately no authoritative or reliable data source available that comprehensively tracks activities related to the Israeli occupation. And for us to compile this research ourselves (and subsequently keep it maintained) would require significant manpower and resources beyond our current capacity.

As a reminder, Zoya screens companies using the AAOIFI shariah standards, which have a defined set of financial ratios and business activity guidelines to determine baseline permissibility. You may choose to apply additional filters based on your personal preferences. I expanded on this topic a little more in another post which you can read here: