[Feature Request 💡] Saudi stocks (Tadawul)

selam aleikum,

As on islamicqa a lot of scholars don’t agree with ruling of AAOIFI standard. They also note that the company that take riba loan that would also hold accountable to that. That’s why always have back in my mind “what if they turn to be right about it”

As i know that there are Saudi stocks 120 + stocks that don’t deal with such interest loans that would make it 100 % halal to trade. As far i know there is NO acces to saudi market from europe,usa,uk.

Is there anyway that you guys could sit down with board of the tadawul market to make an agreement that muslims arround the workd could get acces to the saudi stocks exchange to trade those stocks that would pass the 100% mark. Is there anyway to do that? That would be a big achievement for muslims investors in europe, usa and uk.

May Allah bless you all,


Walaikum Assalaam Omar!

Welcome to the Zoya Community. Great to have you here with us. I’ve moved this over to our Product Suggestions category. This way Zoyans can vote on this idea, and it’ll help our product team prioritize what to build next.

That being said, the Tadawul market is currently limited and not easily available to foreign investors. More information available below.


Selam aleikum Farhan,

Thank you for the warm welcome. Also thank you for the link. I was hoping we could contact tadawul board to discus the idea with them. To make it easy for muslims in europe, usa and uk :slight_smile:

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