[Feature Request 💡] Sorting options for etfs/funds?

Asalamoalaikum. I’m new to Zoya. Basically the title. It says its sorted by assets managed on the etfs tab but theres no option to change it from what i can see.

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Can this be screened by Zoya Pro user? I do not see options to filter ETFs having less than 10% non-compliant holdings?

Also, in terms of the features it would be great to have sorting capability for eg sorting stocks by market cap for a particular sector.

Assalaamu Alykum @azzam_iqbal and @mabidashraf! Welcome to the Zoya community. Great to have you guys with us and providing us with this kind of feedback.

At the moment, this isn’t possible but I’ve moved your request over to the Product Suggestions section of the community forum so we can continue this discussion. We’ve identified this as something we’d like to do, but I’d love to learn what you’re looking and expecting to see in your experience.

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Walaikum Assalam @Frhaann - thanks for moving this to the product suggestions section.

I am looking to sort and filter the Shariah-Compliant stocks by Market Cap and Sector. For e.g., if I want to search for Shariah Compliant stocks in the Tech sector (or Solar Industry) having a market cap higher than $10B, the screener would help me.

Similarly, for ETFs, it would be useful to filter ETFs having non-compliant stocks less than X %age.

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Im after the ability to sort by shariah compliance so that I can see which ETFs have the lowest level of non-compliance so that I can have a look at them and potentially invest in them.

Also another thing is that theres no area to see which OTC stocks are available on Zoya. There should also be a recently screened section on Zoya

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