[Feature Request 💡] Stocks in an Index

Asalam Alaikum,

Do you have the “raw” data of the Stocks? I am planning to have the stocks under the umbrella of S&P500 to be added to my watch list BUT it will be painful to check it individually if it is compliant with Shariah. I am aware that the rating will change but it will give a jump start.

Jazakum Allah Kairan

Do you want to know which companies are currently in S&P500 or which of these are currently compliant?

The former can be found from S&P website or many other sources.

The latter you will have to check one by one, unless Zoya can publish that for us.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I want to check which one is Shariah compliant. It would be painful to go thru each one thru Zoya. Just want to check if Zoya has this handy and can be shared with us.


We’re actively working on this and will have something available in beta pretty soon. Stay tuned!


Is it possible for example to apply a filter on the app to return all Shariah compliant companies in FTSE-AIM index?

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Is there an ETF in particular that tracks the FTSE-AIM index that you’re interested in?

Not just aimed at FTSE-AIM. I’m new to investing and just like any new investor, I’m window shopping. If there is a filter mechanism in the app, i.e. say filter on market indices, sectors, countries, etc, then browse through any Shariah compliant companies from the filter results that I like the sound of, check if they are in a performing active fund out there and if they are, then I would know a professional fund manager had a good reason to buy them and I’d ride on the back of their coat-tails - Voila!

So let’s go back to the FTSE-AIM example. From the filter list, I’d pick a compliant company I’d like, check if it is included in a high performance fund like Liontrust UK micro cap (over 14% growth in the last 3 months) and others in the same sector/country, and if it is, dip my toes in it knowing that a reputable professional analyst already did the knitty gritty work.