[Feature Request 💡] Zoya Halal Stock Screening API

I’ve suggested this feature before. I would love to see a halal stock screening API. That could help close the manual gap in my algorithmic-trading automation.


Good to see you here, @hgad. I do recall our email exchanges on this topic.

While we haven’t publicly promoted this as a service yet, we do have an API available through our Zoya for Companies offering that we started piloting this year. However, as the name suggests, it’s directed towards businesses and intended for commercial use.

That said, we do have a growing interest from developers such as yourself and get asked about this quite often. What I can tell you with confidence is that we do plan to launch a personal-use API at some point in the near future—but we still have some homework to do in order to better understand use-cases so that we can productize it effectively.

Would love to hear any thoughts/feedback from other developers here. :+1:


I am really looking forward for this feature.

The use case is for personal traders who scan for trending stocks etc, I find it very hard to use the app and get my lookups done at the speed I really need.

I simple API that can take a list of symbols or a single stock ticker and report back a yes/no halal report would be perfect.


Also really excited about a potential API for a use case pretty much identical to @MrVWAP where I just pass in one/many symbols to know if they are Halal or not, and some small bits of info if necessary (I’m a big fan of the feature where if a stock isn’t Halal, the report will suggest alternatives).

Not really looking to do anything beyond simple personal project usage, so even if it’s a limited-feature tier or something, that would also do.

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I use Google Sheets quite actively to find and pick stocks. A lot of my sheets are set up to track popular funds like $ARKK and then filtering out for the Shariah-compatible names.

I don’t really need an API per se; but a way to get the Shariah-compatible status in a Google Sheet would be so useful. I currently have to do this manually. I just spent a few hours last weekend going through dozens of name myself manually :sweat_smile:


Assalamu alaikum everyone! @saad brother you asked of use-cases, here is my case.

I spend hours on manual checking compliance status on each stock and collect tickers of compliant companies in my .txt file. However when each financial quarter passes I panic a lot, because I understand that many companies are not compliant anymore or become compliant instead, and I will need to do the “monkey job” again. Nevertheless, after collection of tickers I do some Python to analyze performance of stocks, to compare them, and finally do some scientific optimizations to construct a portfolio. Basically 99% of the time I spend on data collection and only 1% on portfolio construction/rebalancing. Availability of API would solve this problem for everyone.

Probably you can consider example of “yfinance” package for Python where you pass tickers and any desired information and it returns everything that you specified. With your API I could do at least the following:
1. Parse tickers of all compliant companies within seconds, then store them in my database and if needed update tickers;
2. OR I can just define a function where I pass all existing tickers and your API will return me their compliance status.

I dream that your wonderful team will find a way how to do it smart and easy to use. May Allah help you in this endeavor.


This API service will be awesome
waiting … :wink:

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Is there an API available to check halal status of stocks and also two other flags
Revenue is halal
Debt below Halal threshold


Salaam @ashikn! There’s already another thread on the topic of a Zoya API here. Would be great if you can add to the conversation and share your use case.

Salam everyone,

One of the struggles I have with Zoya is the lack of a web UI. I barely research my stocks on my phone and almost all the time on a computer and having to open the app to check every single stock is time consuming.

Ideally if we can have an API I could simply filter out all the stocks that are not halal easily instead of having to do it manually for each single stock.



Salaam @adelaly! We’re planning to bring Zoya to the web in some shape or form before the end of the year. As for an API, feel free to share your use case in this thread: Zoya Halal Stock Screening API - #5 by aamir


Askm, I believe for the API, he meant, he could just use tools like Postman, or create the UI himself. I could use the API as well.


Fully agree on this one. In my case I subscribe to day trading alerts, the watchlists come 15 mins before opening bell.

A batch screening /multiple screening using inputs like excel file, google sheet or even text box on the app or website would be appreciated


API, good idea, happy to help out.

Can we have a feature where we can track posts but without receiving notifications? like can we save posts in a specific place where we can easily access?

Salam Alikom,

I’m also looking forward to Zoya API. I’m currently building a small web app with python where I screen a ticker. The only feature that I wish to have is Zoya API for shariah compliment.

I’m really looking forward to the API.


Does the bookmarking feature work for your needs? You can access it by hitting the ... icon and clicking the bookmark icon. Select “None needed” as the reminder time and you should be set. From there, you should be able to access your bookmarks from your profile page.

Yes that works! Thank you