Feedback on my portfolio

I don’t really know anything about investing. Whatever I have learned, has been through reading a few articles, and listening to a few YouTubers. So as I attempt to create a portfolio for my new Roth IRA, here is what I am thinking:

AMAGX - 60 percent
SPRE - 15 percent
SGOL - 5 percent
AMAPX - 20 percent

I would much appreciate any tips, advice, or suggestions as I begin my investing journey.

Jazakallahu Khair.

It is difficult to give specific and personal advice.

I would note that AMAPX is into Sukuks and has had a history of very low performance. I know it is one of the asset classes out there for diversification but I am not sure it is worth it.

You have the gold, real estate (REIT) and equities covered.

Good luck. Keep learning

Thank you for your response. I was considering AMAPX because I’ve heard that diversified portfolios have some sukuk investments for the purpose of maintenance, and not growth. But perhaps I shouldn’t invest too much into it.

I was also looking at the SPRE ETF on the Zoya app, and there are a few non compliant stocks there. I am wondering whether to invest separately into the stocks that are fully compliant, rather than investing into SPRE. Would appreciate thoughts on this.

What you’re doing is within the realm of what is reasonable.

I wouldn’t invest so heavily into any specific mutual fund. AMAGX is my largest holding too but I have added SPUS, HLAL, and UMMA where I used to only have that and AMANX. The diversification benefit is if you will be diligent in not chasing returns, risking selling low and buying high.

Those ETFs are relatively new, and if you believe the theory of index investing they have a chance of doing better because of their lower fees.

You could do 40% amagx and 15% AMAPX then pick one or more from the other ETF options for the 25%.

Best wishes for keeping patience and consistency. Those are more important than the specific portfolio.

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HLAL and AMAGX are currently very close in performance. I like using this website to compare fund performance:,AMAGX

You can add SPUS and others. It will trim the timeframe to start at the newest fund.

About the SPRE question, that came up earlier. You can try searching for it and see what folks have said about that.

Thanks for the feedback!